Thursday, February 28, 2008

Timmy on the Wheels

Diamonds are girl’s best friend? I doubt so. I’m Timmy Gray and my passion for vehicles started when I was 3. I can vividly remember when daddy gave me my very first Ferrari collectibles, mom was angry back then as she argued that a girl like me should never be introduced to toy cars. The more my mom revile daddy’s act, the more I grew fond of these shiny and sleek machine shimmering in front of my eyes.

After a year, my collectibles multiplied to a hundred and I grew excited every time my daddy went out of the country for a business meeting because surely when he arrives, he’ll bring with him a new toy car as a present.

When I reached high school and I finally have to attend my prom, guess what? My parents gave me my first Ferrari 30 Modena! Actually because of the car, I rapidly and excitedly sneak off the promenade with my prom date just for me to test drive my new babe. It was a romantic evening that I hope would never end. And what happened to my date? Well, we became officially on and he turn out to be my very first boyfriend though we just lasted for a year or so.

Since daddy is one of the most famous guys in town, I could easily get what I want. People would say that I was born with silver spoon in my mouth. I guess they’re right but still, it was too hard for me too prove my worth since I’m being overshadowed by parent’s glory. Everyone would consider me as a weak girl merely interested on makeup and glamour but as soon as I tried to do rigorous physical activity, their impression changed. I bet you’ll be amazed to know that I consider myself as an expert in terms of mechanical works. Fixing busted engines, crawling under hood, setting up name it, Timmy can surely do it! Now, I still have my old model though daddy promised me to get a new one soon.